With a strong background in copywriting and curation, Phoebe has worked with companies around the country to bring their projects to life – whether its launching a new website, creating a custom publication or running an event.

Having worked with companies such as Channel Seven, Bank of Melbourne and the Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) – as well as local, state and federal governments – Phoebe's breadth of experience is now focused on her passion for history and the written word.

In late 2017, her first book project was released: 'Twenty-One Australian Architects, Breaking New Ground', written by Karen McCartney. Having enjoyed the experience immensely, she is now hoping to manage many more publications as they come to life.


my work

I offer the following services:

  • project/production management
  • content creation and copywriting
  • event management
  • personal/business mentoring
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I moved to Toowoomba almost a year ago now and bought my first home! This Summer I'm slowly watching the second season of Victoria to indulge my love of modern history, while I also read Julia Baird's biography of her. I'm also wondering why I ever thought I'd have this much time to garden...