Phoebe comes from a long line of opinionated wordsmiths, and has been honing her own niche in marketing content for the past six years. With a reputation as a logistics nerd – and formidable Trivial Pursuit team member – she has become a go-to writer and editor for companies looking to finesse their voice, add value to their customers, and generally just get stuff done.

Specialising in branded lifestyle copywriting, Phoebe has worked with companies such as Channel Seven, Bank of Melbourne, the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) and TEDx. As a freelance journalist, she has written for publications including Cadillac Magazine, delicious. and Collective Hub.


my work

I offer the following services:

  • marketing copywriting
  • content creation strategies
  • production/project management
  • marketing mentoring
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I recently moved to Toowoomba and bought my first home! I'm slowly watching the first season of Madam Secretary and I'm reading a book about the history of Salonika (now Thessaloniki). I'm thrilled the weather is finally freezing so I can make French onion soup and design the fire pit.