Start with a diagnostic session
The Diagnostic Session

A very good place to start

The very first thing I do with my new clients is a Diagnostic Session. We deep dive into your business, starting with articulating your lifestyle goals and your target market, and then identifying your potential offerings and monetisation strategies.

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"Just when I was feeling my business goals wouldn’t be possible, Phoebe’s Diagnostic Session gave me such a sense of structure and support, and removed the overwhelm.

Her tailored plan gave me further clarity that what I was creating was actually the opposite of what was truly in alignment with my business and lifestyle goals!

I highly recommend this small investment for any business owner who wants to get clear on what is possible."


I always start my work with a new client with a Diagnostic Session.

Why do we start here?

That's because I believe in starting with the basics – what do you actually want from this business?

I can suggest countless marketing strategies, list building tactics and social media advice – but at the end of the day, I want this to be really actionable for you. I want to show you how I think about building a business.

After your Diagnostic, you may decide you have everything you need, which is great news! Off you go! If you feel like you need some ongoing support, I will now have the information I need to give you a proposal for a retainer to work together.

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Meet your mentor

Who am I to diagnose?

I want to help you turn your ideas into a business that makes good money.

I know you want to monetise your unique view of the world, but feel totally overwhelmed at needing to add another thing to your to do list. Business takes time, it takes brain space and it requires knowing exactly what you want to say, who you want to say it to, and how you want to say it.

I have spent the past decade building and refining what is needed to run six-figure one-person businesses.

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Your current business will be jealous.

Gain the clarity and focus your business needs next

Let's get this train back on the tracks! It's time to get really clear on what you want your business to do and how it's going to make money, don't you think?

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