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On-demand masterclasses to dive into in your jammies

These self-paced masterclasses will help you explore a specific topic further from the comfort of your laptop, whenever and wherever you are.

Annual planning & goal setting

I'll take you behind-the-scenes of how I've been planning out my year, and setting goals to help me get to a whole new level in my own business. Let's do the same for yours!


Create a reliable source of income

The patchwork quilt of freelancing can take its toll – that constant feeling of never having full focus on one thing for fear of it all falling apart is real. This masterclass will show you how to create one reliable source of income, so you can still explore other interests... just without the stress. Coming in 2023 – buy now for an early bird special price.

I want reliable income

Content brainstorming session

Each quarter, I sit down and brainstorm a full three months worth of rich content ideas. This masterclass shows you the process to come up with excellent ideas, optimise them for search, and make a plan to actually create everything with no last minute dramas. Coming in 2023 – buy now for an early bird special price.

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Who Am I?

Let me shortcut things for you.

I’ve spent the past 12 years learning (in the hardest possible ways) to build a six-figure one-person business. Starting as a freelance writer – with segues as an events manager, project manager, systems expert – I have honed my skills, knowledge and strategies to end the burn out, bring in consistent income and build the right business for me.

Let me save you the decade of trial and error, the thousands in costly mistakes, and the gnawing sense that you have no idea what you’re doing. I work with people like you: clever people who just want to do some great work with some great people for some great money.

More about me

While you're thinking, let's get your website done!

This definitive checklist will help you finally get that portfolio website live, so you can get onto other things, like finding new clients or building your email list!