Pricing + Services


When life gets busy (like now), things start to slip.

You never quite get to the end of your to-do list. That passion project never gets off the ground. You eat takeaway more often than not.

And you constantly feel like life is getting away from you.

Well, it's time to stop drowning.


These are indications of what I can do, and what sort of cost is associated.

I provide these as an indication, but of course we can create something custom for you.


Email Marketing Package

Are you wanting your emails to work harder for you? Are you noticing less traction on social media, and need a new avenue to drive traffic and sales?

I strongly believe that email marketing is the most effective form of marketing. (It’s wear I invest my own funds in my business.)

What you will receive:

  • 1 x email marketing strategy

  • 1 x quarterly email marketing plan

  • 1 x Mailchimp email, professionally designed

This package is priced from $200/email, and I also require a strategy consultation session, which costs an initial $400. If you would like to send your emails more frequently, the per email cost decreases.

I take on eight email marketing clients per month.

Coaching Package

I offer coaching to clients looking to improve their systems and ramp up their marketing internally.

What you will receive:

  • a free initial consultation to see if we're a good fit

  • three months of personalised coaching through monthly meetings and weekly check-ins

  • guaranteed significant reduction to your inbox

  • at least three extra hours in your week

  • sustainable capacity-building strategies and techniques that will see you leading your own time management and productivity

  • tools, templates and videos that you can use forever

  • the flexibility to continue working together after three months or part ways (now that you're an organisational ninja)

The cost for three months of coaching is $1150, and is payable on a weekly basis if that makes it easier for you.


Branding & Website Package

Has ‘new website’ been on your to-do list for months (or years...), but you just can’t seem to get to it? Do you need professional templates for social media and email marketing, but don’t want to outlay tens of thousands of dollars?

This is the ultimate package for you!

What you will receive:

  • 3 x logo concepts to choose from (we can refresh your logo if you’d prefer to keep it similar)

  • A complete brand book with fonts, colours and icons

  • 4 x collateral designs (eg. a newsletter template, social media graphics, flyer and business cards)

  • A complete website with all photography, graphic design and copy

This package is an all-inclusive flat fee of $11,500, and you may also be eligible for a 50% small business grant.

I take on one client per month, and turn around the entire project within the month.

Content Creation

It’s very difficult to package up content creation, as everyone’s needs are different, and the combinations are endless.

But I know you want some ballpark figures, and I’m here to help. So here are some prices to give you a guide:

  • overall brand marketing strategy + quarterly action plan = from $1500

  • professional photoshoot for social = from $450

  • blog post + email newsletter = from $350

  • a website refresh = from $1000

  • social media assets (photos, graphics, content plan) = from $500