How can I help?


traditional project management

Simply put, a project manager creates the path from concept to completion, and guides everyone along it. This is especially important for projects with many moving parts and people – home renovations, publishing projects or new businesses.

I am trained in the PMBOK project management methodology, which is considered similar, though more modern, than PRINCE2 (apparently – that's what my lecturer told me). But more than that, I'm just a chronic organiser! I can't help myself.


research & curation projects

I have always loved the process of deep-diving into a topic and then sorting the copious amounts of information into a curated shortlist. You can imagine what I'm like when I go travelling...

Whether it's inventorying an art collection, establishing a CRM or assisting in research for a book or PhD, there's no need to do all the time-consuming background work yourself. I'm basically Hire-A-Nerd.



marketing projects

Having worked both internally as a Marketing Manager and as an agency Account Director, I have plenty of experience scoping and strategising marketing projects.

My particular niche is in copywriting (hence my portfolio of published works), which cuts down on the number of sub-contractors needed for website or publication projects.


event management

Any project manager worth their salt will have experience throwing events, but I was thrown in the deep-end with a 300 person, internationally-renowned TEDx conference!

I only take on a couple of event projects a year. It is a small part of what I do, so I intentionally only take on what I know I can do really well. And, of course, I plan everything around the annual TEDxBrisbane conference!